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◇ eat a variety of trotters Pork , Pork spicy boi

September 7, 2011 by ghfd6edd   Comments (0)

eat a variety of Pig 1, halogen trotters material: Pig 450 grams, 38 grams peanuts, 1 package spice, a little parsley. MSG 1 / 6 tsp, 19 grams of crystal sugar, soy sauce, 1 tablespoon butter seamount 1 / 4 tsp. Production: (1). trotters cuts, the water burns out. (2). the trotters, ① materials, peanuts and spices together with a high heat for 15 minutes. (3). trotters cooked stewed a large bowl, on the home decorative parsley. Note: seamounts and the sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce... Read full post

A man must see the art of speaking 12

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urgent,cheap air max shoes, said slowly. Case of emergency, if the heart sink thinking, and not rash to make things clear, the listener will stay steady,air max 90 sale, not impulsive impression, thereby increasing your confidence in others. small, said humorously. In particular, some friendly reminder, talk it out with a joke, do not make the listener feel stiff, they will not only embrace you for reminding me, but also enhance mutual intimacy. not sure things cautiously. He did not grasp... Read full post

~ My youth who call the shots 48 Classic Quotes ~

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,air max shoes on sale 1, the cashier said: no change, and find you two plastic bags it. 2, do not tell me to talk about feelings, more hurt money! 3, I curse your buying instant noodles without seasoning packets! 4, there are two kinds of people in the world, one is to understand binary, and a do not understand. 5, although your body spray cologne, but I can still vaguely smell smelt scum. 6, only two things in my life, not that it does not it will not. 7, I think I did not eat chicken... Read full post

These micro- fiction classic hard ~

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1. Girl: I'm pregnant. Men continue to bow to eat, said: I had a ligation.
girl for a moment: You're kidding me.
man raised his head and looked at her, drink some water, said: Me too ...
(The story plot is too complex, meaning too profound a)

ugly black man, a smile is also a sallow teeth. awful marriage.
her ten thousand do not agree, but since the parents to such a set.
just can not stand her married in the past, his snoring to sleep, not feet. She could not sleep,
sat... Read full post

Moncler Herren wie eine Vielzahl von den Verk

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September 7, 2011 by deweymckinney  

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