General requirements for writing

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The bachelor's work is an essential component of the student's activity assessment.It tests the skills to conceive and carry out independent research as well the ability to compile the research according to the rules of the scientific community.http://proessayreviews.com/best-after-school-activities-for-children/ suggests that a licensing paper that has a satisfactory level must demonstrate familiarity. The student with the relevant literature for the topic to be approached, must have a correct point of view. Methodological, data analysis and argumentation, must have a logical structure and to be consistently drafted in the style of the scientific language. The aspect must be also in line with academic standards.


The purpose of this material is to provide students with a general guide to writing the paperthat meets the fundamental standards of a scientific research, which may be accepted for oral support. The first part of the guide presents the requirements. Failure to respect them leads to removal from the support exam. The second part of the guide has specific maximum requirements for various types of research.The entire responsibility of the license work lies with the student. He has the duty to prepare his license work in accordance with the requirements. Failure to comply with these rules entails penalties in scoring.