What is the best way to make gold?

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What's your favorite thing to do in Azeroth?


Take pictures. I've always had a knack for photography, but in real life, I'm held back by the cost of camera equipment and the lack of diverse subject matter. In World of Warcraft,wow gold of those limitations exist, so I love to capture interesting places or sentimental moments with a keystroke. Sometimes I even orchestrate photo shoots, throwing costumes at my friends and getting them to spam the same emote over and over in one spot so I can get the perfect shot. I've featured several of my favorite screenshots in my articles, such as my Back to the Future parody.



What's the best way to make gold?


I'm terrible at making gold through that whole laissez-faire Auction House part of the game that Basil and Fox like so much, so instead I sell my Power Infusion to the highest bidding wow po during farm content. After a boss goes down, most DPSers start trying to get record parses to show off, so I start bidding at 100 gold per fight.


When I'm not playing WoW, I'm ...


... spending almost every free hour I have working in the StarCraft 2 scene. Since June, I've been the general manager of Team Reign, a professional North American SC2 team. As general manager, I do a little bit of everything, from playing the role of mom to my players, to writing press releases, preparing sponsorship proposals, and most recently, setting up the team's new training house.


When I need to have some fun, though, I'm an active Age of Conan gold on a few news sites and like reading Wikipedia. If I need to get away from the computer, I like cooking, knitting, and reliving the '90s by rollerblading to remixes of soundtracks from SNES games.



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