2 of the Easiest Ways to Make Passive Money Online

October 12, 2011 by Loren Higgins   Comments (0)

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Think for just a moment about the power of the internet. There are millions of users and they are all using it to seek out information. They use google to http://www.timcunha.com find out solutions to their problems, find info on new exciting products, and research on new topics they want to learn.Every financial guru agrees about one thing: leverage builds wealth. When you are making continual income on something you did one time it grows into massive wealth over time. Making money online is no different. If you are going to make massive money online then you need to align yourself with ways to make this passive income.There are many different ways to make passive money online, but let me share with you two basic ways:1. Set-up Your Own Monthly Membership Site

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer for Monthly Membership SitesLet's talk about setting up your own membership site. Now this will take lots of effort and time on the front-end but it can pay off massively for you in the long run. I would recommend that you design your membership site about something you are passionate about. If not, you will grow weary quickly.Now, here is where the power of the internet comes into play. Because of search engines, niches and hobbies are hot. People love to use the internet and join membership sites around things they have interest in. Simply put, if you built a membership site and asked for $9.97 a month for access to the site, then before too long your passive income will turn into a full-time job. Many people are currently making a living online using this technique.Secondly, you can join up with those who have done all the front-end work. Affiliate marketing pays you a comission (normally 50%) for traffic that you send to the site. Can you imagine? You can make massive money online by just referring traffic to wanted products! Here is the real kicker: focus your attention on the affiliate products that pay you every month for as long as the person is a member. That is where the real money is online! This is a growing trend on the internet but not saturated just yet. Now you may be asking, "how do I find and drive all this traffic to the website?"